Makeup by Heidi C.
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Best of - Koh Gen Do

Mind-blowingly good -

Moisture Foundation (red tube) - deserves all the praise and the cult status amongst top tier makeup artists. It is hydrating, smoothing, light buildable coverage, skin-like. Not overly glowy, and stupidly long lasting with powder on my oily skin. My dry patches love it, my oily patches love it. It’s like a lighter weight version of 2 layers of MAC Face & Body, but less shiny even before powder. The only down side is the limited shade range.

The outshined -

Aqua Maifanshi Foundation - is a bit more matte. It’s also great, just not for my needs. It blends and stretches beautifully, dries down to a semi-matte but non-artificial finish, reasonable light to medium coverage, very buildable because of the lightweight formula. I do prefer this formula over the “eye-dropper bottle, volatile-oils-evaporate-and-leave-skin-with-pigments formula” on the market like the Armani Maestro, because this doesn’t settle into pores. Down side is again, lacking on the shade range.

Too expensive and too many options out there -

Cleansing Spa Water Cloth - I don’t use wipes much, but got a pack of these as a gift with purchase. They are nice and gentle, but its a whopping $59 USD for 30 pieces. I just can’t justify. Some things I will splurge on, but not wipes.

These are the only products I have tried from the brand because the others don’t really speak to me, and that the brand is hard to get here in Vancouver without a retail point. They do offer concealers and powders that I might try in the future.

Heidi Cheung